Important Scam Alert:
We have learned that someone is using a similar name on Facebook and is presenting themselves as Royal Paws and is scheduling international pet transportation. Some have reported receiving copies of our USDA Certification. Please note: We ONLY provide U.S. private, single-family pet moves (no bulk) via ground transportation (and hopefully Canada again soon). We never sell or arrange purchase of any animals. We communicate directly via our company phone and company email, we do not use any messaging apps. We only do business with major credit cards, we never request gift cards or money orders for payment (Wal-Mart, etc.) Please be diligent about researching the company you are choosing and feel free to ask us any questions that can help you feel confident about our service.

Cat Transportation

10645305_1057782794232936_95921826500905597_n Royal Paws® Pet Transportation provides your cat safe, stress free transportation nationwide. We offer private cat transport services short or long distance for state to state trips or across the country and all of Canada. Our company has been successfully moving pets since 2000 and we strive to create a healthy, happy travel environment for your cat. With no other pets in our vehicles, there is no risk of illness and the stress of bulk traveling with strange animals is eliminated. Royal Paws® Pet Transportation is the best and safest choice for young kittens not fully vaccinated, shy, senior, feral or special needs or nervous cats.

Your cat will travel with us crate free (crating your cat is also an option upon request) in comfortable SUVs, or if you require your own vehicle at your pet’s destination, Royal Paws® Pet Transportation can drive your personal vehicle. We specialize in quality service for one way permanent move relocation or round trip, two way vacation destinations with your pet.

Your cat’s exclusive transportation service with us will include:

  • Leading Animal Care Standards & Pet Carrier USDA-APHIS
  • Door to door, ground service nationwide
  • Your cat is never left unattended
  • To make your pet more comfortable, we can take cat’s belongings and personal items
  • Stress free with no other dogs or cats in the vehicle
  • Water (bottled) and fresh litter in the litter box always available
  • If you prefer your cat to be in a confined space, we provide the extra-large (36″x40″x30″) with bed, litter box and water bowl
  • No sedation required
  • No health certificate or special vaccinations required
  • No added fees or hidden charges “