Pet Transportation Carriers – what are my options?

When comparing pet transportation crates to pet transportation carriers, crates are normally larger and more secure. Crates are often used for larger pet dogs.

Pet carriers are the type of things you’d likely see someone using when they’re boarding a plane. They are a look lighter when compared to crates and they are more commonly used with small pets.

Carriers may be used in the home as a small den for the pet, they are less practical because they’re weaker and more fragile. Larger pet dogs are likely to break out of them if they’re not secured properly.

Cats are often shuttled with carriers, sometimes allowing enough room for a cat litter box.

pet crate

Benefits of Pet Crates

Very Secure

One of the first benefits of having a pet crate is the fact they are incredibly secure. There are a lot of crates that are made from tough aluminum. Pet crates secure your dog and are very good at stopping them from escaping.
Another popular brand is the Sherpa travel carrier. These travel carriers differ in that they are designed for in-cabin use, and for smaller animals.

Easy to Clean

Compared to a carrier, wire dog crates are easier to clean, especially if they’re metal or plastic. Many of them will also come with replacement pans, allowing you to quickly slide up against any debris and muck and wipe it away.

Make Toilet Training Easier

One of the biggest benefits that a pet crate has is their ability to speed up the toilet training of pups. There is no argument over the fact that puppies love to mess in your new home and the reason behind this is because they haven’t yet associated the garden with the toilet. A pet crate can help out with this.

Because the crate is quickly associated with a den, the pup will refuse to mess inside it (based on instinct). You can use this to force them to hold it in and then when the time is right, quickly grab them and place them outside.
When they go to the toilet, praise them with cuddles and love. Repeat this process over and over again, until they learn where to go naturally.

Can Grow with a Puppy

One of the things that a carrier can’t do is grow with a puppy. As many of you will know, puppies grow very fast and if you have a large breed, it won’t take long for them to outgrow their old bed and crate.

As a result, many manufacturers have crate dividers that allow you to slowly expand the crate as the puppy grows. This allows you to buy one crate and one crate only, saving you tons of money.

What are the Disadvantages of a Pet Crate?


There is no argument over the fact that pet crates can be incredibly expensive. Depending on the brand and the material you decide to go with, you could be paying upwards of $600.


With some pet crates, you will need special wheels and carts in order to move them around. The one big advantage you will see with pet carriers is they can be transported easily.

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What are the Benefits of a Pet Carrier?

Less Expensive than Crates

The majority of carriers are below $200 and are perfect if you’re not very committed to crating your pet.
The price, again, will be determined by the brand and the size of the carrier but, in general, they will be considerably less.


The majority in the market are soft-sided pet carriers but there are a few made from plastic. Because they are made from lightweight materials, you can probably assume they would be light to carry.

It is for this reason older individuals with small animals love carriers, as they make traveling more convenient and less effort.

Perfect for Small Pets

Small pets will be easier to carry and, more importantly, they can be accepted for in-cabin airline use.

What are the Disadvantages of a Pet Carrier?

Not Secure

One of the largest issues with carriers is their security. As they are normally soft-sided, they can be broken out of and will not contain larger dogs. If they want to get out, they can.

All it takes is an aggressive outburst and they will be released. So, with that in mind, it is safe to say that these would not be great for larger dogs.

In closing, Pet carriers and crates are two different things, they both have their advantages and disadvantages but you should always keep your options open.

In general, pet crates are more useful and have more practical advantages but come with a hefty price tag.

Carriers, on the other hand, are cheaper and easy to transport but they are less secure, not great for larger breeds and they are not as effective when it comes to toilet training.

Source: Pet Crates Direct